The “Neonlitic” project made by the Wood Be Nice Workshop and co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration of Romania, aims to support and promote artistic production, by capitalizing on the common cultural heritage and reinterpreting the aesthetics of Cucuteni and Hamangia cultures through modern artistic production techniques.
From a cultural and artistic point of view, the project intends to take over ancient artistic elements and to capitalize on the common cultural heritage and aesthetics of the Neolithic civilizations whose vestiges were discovered on the territory of our country. In particular, the artists involved in the project will turn their attention to two nationally and regionally representative cultures: the Cucuteni culture and the Hamangia culture.
Through the proposed project, the Wood Be Nice Workshop brings an extra innovation to these previously realized initiatives and differs from them by combining the aesthetics of ancient cultures with new technologies and methods of artistic production, such as recycling and upcycling.