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Who are we

The NeoNlitic project authored by the Wood Be Nice Studio and co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration office aims at promoting the artistic production by capitalizing on the common cultural heritage and reinterpreting the aesthetics of the Cucuteni and Hamangia cultures through modern art production techniques.

The cultural and artistic goal of the project is to unearth ancient artistic elements and to place emphasis on the common cultural heritage and on the aesthetics of the neolithic civilizations, the remnants of which were found on the territory of our country. The plastic artists involved in the project will be focusing, in particular, on two cultures that are representative at both national and regional scale: Cucuteni and Hamangia.

Through this project, Wood Be Nice will add an innovating touch to previous endeavors of the sort, by blending the aesthetics of ancient cultures with the new media and technologies in artistic production, such as recycling and upcycling.

As far as the artists involved in this project are concerned, some of them are long-term partners of Wood Be Nice who have previously participated to collective events and exhibitions with Daniel Loagar and Andrei Cornea throughout their 8 years of activity as Wood Be Nice.

These artists are: Irina Iliescu (painting / etched print), Lucian Simion  (object design, metal work), Andreea Toma (painting),  Gabriel Marin  (object design, metal work), Raluca Bajenaru (painting / installation art), Marius Gheorghe (photo-video installation / mapping), Marian Codrea (sculpture / installation art), Beaver Biv (sculpture / painting), Alexandru Maxim (photo-video installation / mapping), Sasha Meret (sculpture / installation art), Roxana Tomescu (sculpture / installation art), Misha Diaconu (sculpture / installation art).

Our team

The plastic artists supported through this project will research and document neolithic art forms onsite, by visiting museums and scenes hosting treasured exhibits, e.g.: The Cucuteni Civilization Museum, Museum of Eneolithic Art Cucuteni – Piatra Neamt, The History and Archaeology Museum in Tulcea, etc. 

The innovative element that sets this project apart from the current cultural offer is the use of novel techniques in documenting and integrating certain styles and aesthetics exclusive to the neolithic art, and to Cucuteni and Hamangia, in particular. This purpose will be brought to fruition in a modern fashion that will meet the exigencies of the public, of the environment, of the contemporary work techniques, as well as of the current socio-cultural trends (for example, the re-utilization of raw materials via recycling and upcycling). Thus, through the activities carried out for the project, the artists will remain faithful to their signature styles that set them apart and to the work methods they have specialized in. They will be transplanting the stylistic elements particular to Cucuteni and Hamangia ceramics in a distinct artistic area: installation and mixed techniques. The cutting-edge approach advanced by the young artists extends beyond the boundaries of traditional work methods, ceramics and apparel (masks, costumes, etc.), which are at the heart of workshops and creative camps with analogous subject. The exhibits authored throughout the project will be firmly delineated from handmade or household objects, as they will pursue an artistic purpose and involve trailblazing work methods (mixed art, collage, installation art, etc.). Another innovative quality resides in the synthesis of the aesthetic and functional objects, since the 30 artistic items will be installations-illuminating objects made of recycled materials. This is a concept that the artists involved in the project have experimented with in the past, as well.

The Wood Be Nice Studio Association is a non-profit, non-ethnic, non-religious and non-governmental organization, a fully autonomous juridical entity from a structural, functional and economical point of view. It was registered in 2010, when it also started its activity.  

Active on the Romanian art market for 8 years, The Wood Be Nice Studio Association aims at achieving artistic production and championship by setting in motion cultural, educational and curatorial programs for children, youngsters and adults, workshops, fairs, exhibitions and editorial programs.

Wood Be Nice has been carving stories into wood for 8 years. Imagination, color and creative excitement breathe life into objects in the Wood Be Nice studio, where photography on wood, collages, illuminating objects, innovatory furniture and interior design projects are engendered. Ever since its foundation, the studio has been a vivid presence in the Romanian cultural and artistic landscape, having attended to many public events and projects.

The artistic production methods particular to the artists are the transfer of photography on wood, the conception of paintings, sculptures, installations, collages and other types of exhibits with artistic quality, but also of utilitarian objects, such as coffers, jewelry and tobacco boxes, personalized furniture pieces, coffee tables, chairs, bed panels, desks, shelves, hall stands, etc. Their entire art is accomplished by manual production exclusively, from the wood cutting and evening to the completion of items in an antique-looking fashion. In 70% of the cases, their raw materials are recycled.

Daniel Loagar and Andrei Cornea, co-founders of the Wood Be Nice Studio Association since 2010, have had a relevant experience in artistic production for 15 years. They create individual art, as well as immersing in collaborative projects. They approach a wide range of work methods and techniques: collage, mixed media, installation art, graphics, object design, sculpture and photography on wood.  

NeoNlitic is a cultural project co-financed by AFCN – The National Cultural Fund Administration.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of The National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or for the ways in which the project outcomes will be used. These aspects lie entirely in the responsibility of the recipient of the financing.

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