NeoNlitic V1.0

Bucharest 2018
Exhibition at The Romanian Cultural Institute Romania

The exhibition is curated by Mihaela Ion, cultural manager with over 12 years of experience in the visual field and founder of the Revista Atelierul and Noaptea Albă projects of Designers and Product Creators. In the evening of the opening, the ALSD band will perform, a collective of alternative sound improvisations, jazz and rock.

Brasov 2018
Exhibition at VISSSUAL

15 artists exhibit over 30 works inspired by Neolithic cultures The project, which consisted of two field documentations and working meetings and 4 workshops for active networking, between creators, artists, archaeologists, makers and people involved in the creative and cultural industries, brings to the attention of the Brasov public the traveling exhibition NeoNlitic, which hundreds of visitors crossed his threshold in Bucharest, at the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Timisoara 2019
Exhibition at Underground Gallery - House of Arts

The traveling NeoNlitic exhibition arrives in Banat In NeoNlitic exhibit: Daniel Loagăr and Andrei Cornea (founders of Wood Be Nice and initiators of the project) and guest artists: Sasha Meret (US), Andreea Toma, Irina Maria, Raluca Bajenaru, Marius Gheorghe, Marian Codrea, Beaver, Roxana Tomescu, Lucian Simion, Alexandru Claudiu Maxim, Gabriel Marin, Misha Diaconu, Evghenia Gritscu (UKR).

NeoNlitic V2.0

Bulgaria 2020
Exhibition at Archaeological Museum Varna

19 artists from 3 countries will exhibit in the project The exhibitors bring together mixed media works, lighting installations, wood carvings, resin, metal, paintings, ceramic and textile objects, animation and video mapping, all creations inspired by the aesthetic motifs of prehistoric cultures: Hamangia and Cucuteni-Trypillia.

Ukraina 2020
Exhibition at House of Culture Chernivtsi

3 exhibitions in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania The artists exhibiting are: Alex Manea (RO), Ana-Maria Panaitescu (RO), Astian Rey (UKR), Schoppel Cut (RO), Evghenia Gritscu (UKR), Gergana Ivanova (BG), Denisa Grosu (RO), IRLO (RO), Ina Valentinova (BG), Lora Markova (BG), Neno Belchev (BG), Sofia Hussein (BG), Teodor Ștefan (RO), Tatiana Zubchenko (UKR), Daniel Loagăr (RO) and Andrei Cornea (RO ). Along with them, the invited Romanian artists will also exhibit - Marian Codrea, Marius Gheorghe, Raluca Băjenaru and Roxana Tomescu.

Bucharest 2020
Exhibition at National Museum of Romanian History

Culturi străvechi, tehnici moderne După ce a poposit întâi în Bulgaria, apoi în Ucraina, proiectul NeoNlitic, aflat la cea de-a doua ediție în 2020, va putea fi vizionat de public între 14 și 28 noiembrie, la Muzeul Național de Istorie a României (MNIR) din București. Programul de vizionare este miercuri-duminică, orele 09:00-17:00. Vernisajul va avea loc pe 14 noiembrie și va putea fi vizionat online, atât pe pagina de Facebook a NeoNlitic, cât și pe cea a MNIR.